By understanding the insurance landscape in Asia, TalentIn has designed a tailored Executive Search product that produces faster, deeper and more robust results for our clients than the traditional executive search products offered in the market.

Depending of the depth of the assignment TalentIn will usually be able to offer a long list within 10 working days, shortlist within 15-20 days and a traditional search assignment is completed within 30 days. We do this by being the market specialists, that means we already know our market resulting in the initial research time being drastically reduced. It is also highly likely we will know many of the candidates from personal interactions and so already have trusted relationships. As this reduces the costs associated with executive search we pass this onto you, our client.

Using our international exposure we also have the capability to include market maps of both the local and overseas candidates for our clients should they wish to open the search wider than the Asia area.

Our Recent Placements

  • CEO – General Insurance
  • CFO – Life Insurance
  • General Manager – General Insurance
  • General Manager – Brokerage
  • Chief Medical Officer – Life Insurance
  • Chief Actuary – Life Reinsurance 
  • Chief Underwriter – Life Insurance
  • Head of Risk, Legal and Compliance – Financial Services Group